A video collection of my dogs,  the offspring and relatives in Australia.

You can find more videos of our offspring posted by the puppy owners in our Facebook group.

One of the first times Bex working sheep.

Bex basic Training with Corinna Bachmann

More basicswith Corinna Bachmann

Bex working heifers

Junes first go with 10 month.

Meadowfield Sheila (Bex x June), 1 yo working 600+ sheep and goats with BC friend

3/4 brother to June, Hunterslea Ripper in Australia


Meadowfield Giggsy (Ace x Hollie 2015), 9 month old, third time on sheep

Meadowfield Djalu (Ace x Hollie 2015)

Meadowfield Djalu 2nd time on sheep

Meadowfield Fawkes (Bex x June 2014) 10 month old Mantrailing. By now he did several K9 tests.

Meadowfield Giggsy (Ace x Hollie 2015) first lessons on sheep

Meadowfield Giggsy target training with clicker