Our offspring being placed in different kind of jobs where they excel real well makes us getting quite a number of enquiries. We do have a list but decide by feeling in the end. In the age of 5 – 6 weeks we decide togehter with the new owners which pup would fit to what human/job. Feel free to get in touch early!

Summer 2018

Splash arrived happy and healthy in Germany.

She is definately in pup and due the 05.08.2018. We cannot wait and look forward so much!


Winter 2018

Tilli, Giggsy, their owners and me spent nearly a week together in Denmark when Tilli was in season. She and Giggsy became great friends, played and cuddled all the time but did not decide to make little Gillies. So it was not supposed to happen just now and wewill have another try in her next season in winter.