Our offspring being placed in different kind of jobs where they excel real well makes us getting quite a number of enquiries. We do have a list but decide by feeling in the end. In the age of 5 – 6 weeks we decide togehter with the new owners which pup would fit to what human/job. Feel free to get in touch early!

Summer 2019

After Tillis owners, Giggsys owners and I met in Denmark last year and Tilli and Giggsy had a few fun days of playing but it didnt get to a mating we now thought she might prefer the more experienced Mr. Ace. So Kine took the long trip from Norway to Germany to meet Ace and me and it was all worth it. Tilli and Ace were totally in love and the ultrasound was now sucessfull. We await puppiiiiiies! 😀 They are duethe 10.08.2019

Summer 2018

Splash gave life to 7 absolutely stunning babies on the 02.08.2018.