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I am addicted to Australia since the TV serie McLeods daughters and it is 7 years ago that I decided to spend a Working Holiday year down under. Of course I ended up working on several sheep and beef farms in that year. As I am a horse person too it can´t get a lot better than finding a farm to live and work on with great Aussie people, all sorts of stock work and lots of it on horseback. And this is where I saw Koolies for the very first time. The farm I worked on had 4 Koolie dogs and I didn´t have a clue what they were at first.  I asked the farmers out and as the weeks went by there was no other way, I was totally in love with that kind of dog in the daily stock work as well as as a companion in the spare time.

I kept working with his Koolies for a while and then started to get on the telephone, do research and go and see other farmers and breeders who work Koolies. I then was the luckiest Koolie lover ever when I found Bex in 2009.

I have been back to Australia 6 times since that. I just can´t help it (-: This country is simply stunning.
I am very blessed and got the chance of getting to know a lot of great Australian characters. Some of them grew into close friends and helped me a lot over the last years. I got the chance of getting to know a lot of different Koolie bloodlines, shapes and working ethics. And even more important I gained knowledge about what Koolie bloodlines I definitely don´t want to own.

So I picked my 4 Koolies in Australia myself and imported them. I think it is very risky to import Koolies unseen. This way you don´t really know anything about the relatives to the imported dog, or in what conditions the pup grows up until he can fly out. All you can do is trust the breeder you purchase from and believe me a lot of breeders over there see things quite different from us in Europe plus hardly any breeders do any health tests.  I can only warn from doing that as I know several people in Europe and America that didn´t get the whole truth and were not happy with what they got in the end. So please do your homework and a lot of research so you will be happy with your Koolie.

It is really important for me to set high standarts in working ability plus health requirements as we will then be able to spend long years with a healthy beautiful and loving dog willing to do anything for you.


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