BEAUMONT`S BEX, DOB 26.06.2009

I fell in love with our dog in 2009 and bought him from Dorrigo, NSW. He is mumbles lines bred and they are known for some top dogs. His parents are working cattle and sheep and I have made the catch of my life with Bex, he is awesome. He can read various types of stock extremely well, is always in the right places and forgives my mistakes. The jobs and working conditions we are able to offer these dogs in Germany / Europe are ridiculous compared to Australia though.

Bex is not only an exceptional working dog, he also loves Mantrailing and dummy work. He is a workaholic, very switched on. Can do tons of tricks, but also simply do nothing and sleep for ages.

To melt away his appearance: Dark blue merle with a little Splitface, a warm brown and one ice-blue eye to sink in…

Bex is HD / ED X-rayed clear, CEA normal MDR1 +/+
Height: 58 cm
Weight: 23 Kg