June comes from the high demanded breeder of Koolies and Australian Stock Horses Mrs. Enid Clark, Singleton, NSW. Enid and her husband earned their living mustering cattle in rough country and started to breed Koolies and Horses 45 years ago. Without good working horses and dogs, it wasn´t possible to make a living, so they started to breed the best stock from the beginning. The country around Singleton can be pretty rough, so that in some parts you can´t even ride your horse and have to rely on your good working dog which has to be capable of working in big paddocks without any instructions. Enid has a huge repertoire of experience and i really love listening to her thousands of stories. I visited her three times so far and we may even be looking forward to a book which is in work.

June is very affectionate, follows like a shade. Easy to train, she has a huge will to please. She works everything and always wants to help whatever her humans do, even if it´s gardening. She is ready and keen with 200 % in a second but can switch off just as quickly and has a nap at the most unlikely places.

This little sweetheart knows exactly how to wrap you around her little finger. Anyone who thinks he could resist that, is welcome to come and get to know June (-:

She is lovely coloured: Black + Dilution = Blue with tan and mottles

June is HD/ED/OCD X-rayed clear, CEA normal, MDR1 +/+
Height: 50 cm
Weight: 18 Kg