An unknown breed in Europe. Koolies are not FCI recognized and come from Australia where they work cattle, sheep and whatever else Aussies want to have worked under pretty hard conditions regarding temperature, long hours and rough country. In rural Australia it is still common that dogs which are hard to train, sick or no good workers get put down. This is hard but purposeful: The breed was kept healthy with a high stress control and extraordinary good working ability.

Koolies don´t have an optical standard. Their height can vary between approx. 40 to 60 cm and they weight between 12 and 25 Kg. We have the ground colous black and red which can either be shown solid or combined with white, tand and/or merle.

Koolies are not know for being territorial or guarding. They are very loyal have a huge will to please. Thanking to their enourmous learning ability, they are very versatile and nowadays excel in all sorts of dogsports and rescuedogwork such as Mantrailing etc. Like with most herding dogs from strong working lines the most important thing is training frustration tolerance and being able to sleep anywhere right from the beginning. This way you get a dog which is ready to rumble within a second and can be relaxed when nothing asked.

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A heartfelt poem written by Mrs. Enid Clark, NSW, Australia

 Koolie Dogs are the Best
The Hunter Valley takes in the Great Divide
To muster here you have to ride.
It separates the coast from the west
This is where Koolies are better than the rest.
When mustering you need a dog alert and sharp.
Very silent and careful not to bark.
We need to keep quiet, or the rogues will be missed,
This is why Koolies are just the very best.
They know how to do the job right,
Even when the cattle are in full flight.
They never seem to be in the wrong place,
Although downhill the cattle always race.
 They bring them out from the timber with haste,
The other Koolies will block with no time to waste.
If the cattle are wild they will put dogs to the test
That’s why Koolies are better than the rest.
 One dog will handle the lead to complete the job
It’s a wonder to watch a good lead dog hold the mob.
The other dogs can look after all the rest,
That’s why Koolies are just the very best.
                                                                                Enid Clark.