Our pups grow up as part of the family in house and get introduced to different places, sounds, grounds, humans, kids, pets and crate training while they grow up. It is very important to us to prepare them as good as we can for a happy life.

** HOLLIE X LUKE ** litter born on the 01.10.2019

We thought it didnt work out at all until the vet told us on ultrasound we might expect a small litter with about 3 puppies. Hollie surprised us with 9 healthy little stars , we have 4 girls and 5 boys <3

We are looking forward to your enquiry with a little introduction of yourself 🙂


** TILLI X ACE ** litter born on the 07.08.2019

After it didn´t work out last year with Tilli it looks like she thought to take after it all now and gave birth to 11!! healthy big active pups. We wished for a normal sized litter for her „first time“ but WOW she does an absolutely mommey job and all babies do great, there is not one being behind in putting on weight. Plus we do have an absolutely stunning range of colouring again. We are thrilled! <3

We have a waiting list and are looking forward to your enquiry with a little introduction of yourself 🙂


** SPLASH x TURBO ** litter born on the 02.08.2018

We are so proud of Splash giving birth to her beautiful babies in this years super heat wave. After the first girl sadly born dead 7 top fitpups followed her. A stunning bunch of colouring, this pairing is verypromising.

Pups are all spoken for. We have a rather long waiting list and are looking forward to your enquiry with a little introduction of yourself 🙂

Wilma lives in Germany.
Gibbs lives in the Netherlands.
Tolf lives in Germany.

Monroe lives in Germany.

Phoenixlives in Switzerland.
ROO lives in the US, NC.

Odessa lives in Canada.

** HOLLIE x ACE ** litter born on the 07.06.2017

Hollie gave birth to 9 strong and beautiful babies on 07.06.2017.  We got 5 girls and 4 boys. Hollie and Ace blessed us with all shades of different reds and chocolats in that litter.
Group photos
Lucky1upLucky lives in Germany.
CollagenupMomo lives in Germany.
JimmyupJimmy lives in France.
MatoupMato lives in Switzerland.
LeilaupLeila lives in Switzerland.
Dayzee LeighupDayzee Leigh lives in Italy.
DizzyupDizzy lives in Switzerland.
KylieupKylie lives in Denmark.
DevilupDevil lives in Switzerland.

** BEX x JUNE ** litter born on the 08.09.2016

June is a great mum, she managed the birth of 8 pretty big pups real well. We have 2 girls and 5 boys. This time there are 5 beautiful solids, love how genes play 🙂

Group photos
LukeupLuke lives in Germany.
MaddyupMaddy lives in Germany.
PatchupPatch lives in Denmark.
BusterupBuster lives in Belgium.
KidupKid lives in Switzerland.
upJoke lives in Germany.
SevenupSeven lives in Germany.
EvoupEvo lives in Germany.

** ACE x HOLLIE ** litter born on the 25.08.2015

Hollies first birth took a bit oft time. She managed everything well and I am glad her first litter is a small one. 2 girls and 2 boys were born. Unfortunately one girl was tiny and weak, she died 🙁 The other 3 pups were in great shape from start though.
Group photos
DjaluupDjalu lives in Holland.
EmmaupEmma lives in Germany.
GiggsyupGiggsy lives in Denmark.

** BEX x JUNE ** litter born on the 18.08.2014

First Koolies born in Germany! June was a brave girl and gave birth to 7 super cute pups. Everyone was in optimal birth weight and busy straight away. Bex put all in, all pups were blue merle, some with tan.

Group photos
ZumaupZuma lives in Holland.
FawkesFawkes lives in Germany.
SheilaupSheila lives in Germany.
HorstupHorst lives in Germany.
Tilli1upTilli lives in Norway.
ZinoupZino lives in the US, NC.
MontiMonti lives in Germany.