COBAR SPIRIT OF THE WIND, geb. 21.06.2019

Spirit comes out of Canadian Cobar Kosciuszko and Canadian Cobar Ollie.
Me, Saskia, saw this little cutie when she was a little puppy, and already then I really wanted her. The Canadian breeder didn’t agree, but my persistence paid off. The summer of 2022 she arrived in Germany with little puppies on board. She, with her puppies, brings great diversity to the genepool here in Europe.
This little firecracker came to live with me, Kine, up in Norway in September 2022. She has really grown a lot since she got here. Such a sweet loving dog. Just happy all the time, and just loves everyone and everything. She is now my little shadow, following me around wherever I go. It seems like everything she does, she does it fast. But at the same time she knows how to switch off when needed. She just want to do everything right and to please her humans. She is still at the start up fase with working sheep, but she shows very nice potential. She is so calm around them, but at the same time knows what to do if the sheep don’t want to listen to her. She also loves to herd the chickens, geese and turkeys. Such a fun dog to work with, and a quick learner. This little cutie just loves to snuggle up on the couch, watch some tv, and just hang out.

Spirit is colored Chocolate tricolor, with semi long fur.

Spirit is HD/AD and OCD x-rayed clear

Height: 45cm

Weight 12kg

DM: carrier